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SEC History

          SEC is Thai company which runs Electronics Business about Print Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) SEC also assembly PCBA into the completed boxes. By the skillful & special engineering teams which have modern production processes & technology and maintains all machines to get ready to consume always. Under proper production control & transport services till products were delivered to customers. So, SEC had been trusted by many current customers. SEC have domestic and foreign customers. Such as DAIKIN, SHARP, HITACHI, KYORITSU, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI, SONY, HAIER and FUJITSU etc. All of these are SEC main customers which SEC produce electronic PCBA for. Not only SEC produce PCBA for consumer products but also SEC produce products for automotive. For example: Antenna, Car Radio, Speedometer etc. They had been sold to the giant automotive brand for example HONDA, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI etc. 

          SEC are also aim and go forward for improvement to get ready to any business changing. So, SEC add department of Design and Development which handle by experienced engineers who could design both hardware and software as follow our customer required in order to release products to the market as well. 

          SEC have experiences about Electronic PCBA Manufacturing almost 30 years. SEC received so many awards from many customers. Those meant SEC production processes were good both efficiency and quality. Also, SEC have operators and officer who have ability & experienced. They could control the troubles and co-operate together solving all of those troubles with immediately achievement. Cause there are a lot of new competitors were born, so it is very necessary for SEC to develop the company potential to be increasing in order to support those new customers. And also develop all SEC employee’s potential. Via aiming to promote the awareness activities to all employees. For example: Productivity Increasing Activities, Energy Saving Activities, all Environment Control Activities, etc. Beside of those, SEC pay attention to CSR Development Activities. For example: False Legs Donation, All other things Donation, Blood Donation. All of these, SEC considered as Society responsibilities of SEC. So, you can see that SEC have the potential how to produce products for all customers not only the potential of M/C, operators, tools, equipment but also the potential of all professional PIC of all categories, right on time schedule shipment and customers services satisfaction as mentioned above had been controlled under properly standard and properly design processes. And SEC will keep going step forward to be the World Class of Electronic PCBA Manufacturing Leader.

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SEC Company Presentation

We come together to build Thai proud for Thai reputation as follow our company values “Thai company with World Class Manufacturing.”

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