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     There are many machines for all kinds of customer’s requirements in SEC. Such as Electronic PCBA category and Inspection category to inspect the products quality. SEC have many machines enough to produce high numbers of products, for sure. SEC also have skillful employees and we also have preventive maintenance schedule for all M/C in order to get ready to use thyme under proper continuous quality control TPM. 


    There are 14 lines. Such as Solder paste printer M/C, Chip Mounters, Reflow Oven, Automatic Optical Inspection, Solder Paste Inspection, X-Ray, Laser Marking, Glue Dispenser, First Article Inspection etc. 

    There are 17 M/C (JV = 2M/C, Axial = 6 M/C, Radial = 9 M/C, Eyelet = 2 M/C) 

    There are 8 production lines. Including all equipment, tooling, and the other manual processes. Such as Hand Soldering, Jig Fixture, Part Preparation M/C, In Circuit Tester (ICT), Function Test (FCT), Glue Dispensing, Potting and all production necessary tools. 


    Such as TMM, CMM, Humidity Chamber, Vibration Test M/C, RoHs X-Ray Equipment and also others of inspection tooling, Including Calibration Test Equipment. 

  • POTTING MACHINE VR-50 series   (Available now)

    Application for moisture and water prove product.

    • PCBA for Washing Machine
    • PCBA for Control Motor
    • PCBA for LED lighting

  • REFLOW – N2 is available now


    The main advantages of using Nitrogen for Pb-Free Assembly in the reflow process v/s atmospheric air are as follows:

    • Improved soldering quality: Higher surface tension as well as less reoxidation of IC terminals will increase the wetted surface by 20% to 30%, resulting in increasing solder joint strength. Higher surface tension minimizes solder balling when using fine pitch solder paste. Less oxidation also improves the wetting on NiAu and bare copper solder lands.
    • Enlarged Process Window: The soldering process will be less sensitive to poor solderability and solder lands and component terminals, thereby improving the soldering BGA and CSP devices. This is more applicable for Pb-Free Assemblies that would be RoHS compliant.
    • Other Benefits: Visual appearance of the solder joint surface will be smoother and shinier, especially for Pb-Free Assembly making it easy to inspect and rework. Larger surface tension can hold larger and heavier components on bottom side when performing double reflow.

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